Dear TNT…

What is it, exactly, that you do?
I mean, if I was to read from your Web site, you claim that you “ensure that your documents, parcels and freight are delivered safely and on time”. You’ve even got the gall to be taking up a new marketing slogan — “Sure we can”.
Frankly, I’m surprised that there isn’t a little asterisk next to that, leading down to a footnote that says, in effect “except when we can’t be bothered”.
Especially based on the courier who turned up just now for a “parcel” going to “Victoria”, and got huffy when I asked for more details. And then got extra huffy when I asked for a con note which he’s meant to carry on him anyway. This included him walking away for five minutes. I wasn’t even sure he was returning, but filled out the con note anyway. When he did re-appear, he told me that apparently (and I’m again quoting here) “It’s not TNT’s business to know where a parcel’s going. I’m not your customer. That’s between you and the other company.”
Excuse me?
I then pointed out to him that I won’t give up a parcel without being sure I have the right courier (which only seems sensible to me) and if that was TNT’s policy, then I’d be advising my clients not to use them.
“Fine by me”.
Presumably he’s happy not getting paid as well. I would drop TNT an email to complain, but they don’t actually have a listed email address for complaints, only a phone number… and a wait queue. Which I suppose fits — they might claim to have some kind of parcel delivery service lurking in the background (although that might just be a guess on my part), but they’re clearly not interested in customer communications.
This gets better… or worse. They don’t even have a complaints department. You can call them to book a collection, or give them your details in a web form to set up an account… but nowhere do they list a phone number or email for any kind of customer complaint. It probably keeps their overheads down.
Note to companies requesting courier pickups from me: Wherever possible, please DON’T use TNT. Who knows where the parcels might end up?

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