Chicks sports cars games

Which is, surprisingly, not a song lyric this time (although clearly it’d make a great hard rock (or perhaps surf rock) lyric), but instead the title of this week’s episode of BRAN — Australia’s edgiest tech podcast — featuring yours truly in a fill-in role for the rather fecund Roulla Yiacoumi. And Nathan “The Lazy King” Taylor. And my brother. Yep. Two Kidmans for the price of none. Check around — you can’t beat that value!
Bonus points if you don’t get the two of us confused during the podcast, and in the best tradition of Hollywood movies, make sure you stick around for the edits at the end. You can listen to BRAN at the Web site, or subscribe to it via iTunes. Or just listen to the voices in your head, but I can’t guarantee that I’m one of those voices. Well, not yet anyway.

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