Baron Silas Greenback, The World's Most Villainous Toad

At around 2:30-3:00am this morning, my wife woke me up.
Now, regular readers of this blog — that’s right, both of you — will be aware that that particular hour has a special significance around these parts. Specifically, for all three of our children, I’ve been woken up by my wife to inform me that labour was due to start around then.
Naturally, I was a little befuddled. I seem to recall a certain amount of pain and snippage that was intended to make such nocturnal wakings a thing of the past.
But instead, she was waking me because there was something attacking the door to our bedroom with vim and vigour. Nobody ever really uses just vim, do they? Anyway, we pulled back the curtains to reveal Harriet, our missing (well, no longer missing, but you get the point) cat, attacking our door and with an expression on her face that made it look like she was annoyed with us. As though we’d moved the house for a week, and she couldn’t find it.
Brain scans of Harriet have so far come back negative.
Or, in other words, she’s part dog.

She’s a bit thinner, and constantly hiding under things (which, for her, is normal behavior, actually). But all, in all, a good result. Hurrah! Let the ticker-tape parades begin!

2 thoughts on “Baron Silas Greenback, The World's Most Villainous Toad”

  1. Harriet – Plotting? That assumes she has a brain. This is a cat who after being somewhere for 6 days takes 1/2 an hour to start sooking up to her people again. Lita at least took 2 hours to settle down.

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