Why isn't there a fully voice controlled FIFA?

Having just survived another round of Saturday soccer, I’m once again struck by a missed marketing opportunity — a completely voice controlled version of FIFA. No, not just formations — the whole thing, end to end, for 90 minutes of glorious screaming.
After all, that’s the pattern that so many parents go for when their kids are playing sport. Admittedly, the most recent iteration of FIFA features simple voice commands via Kinect and the like, but that’s a more measured affair. I’m thinking language of the type you get at a typical sports ground, trying to completely control the team.
Obviously, you’d have to outshout your opponents if in the same location, but that’s part of the fun — and almost entirely realistic. Which would you engage more with — a game where you’re tapping on a gamepad, or one where you’re screaming “NO YOU IDIOT MOVE AROUND TO THE LEFT YES THAT’S RIGHT NOW GO FOR GOAL AND KICK IT NO WAIT PASS TO NUMBER 3 YES YES YES NOW KICK GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!”?
Money just waiting to be made, in my view.
Image: wjarrettc

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