What were the best games of this generation?

The end of the Xbox 360/PS3 era is nearly upon us. If I had to pick one game that embodied the generation, which one would it be?
Image: Adrian
That was (more or less) the question posed to me (and many other Australian games writers and luminaries) by Kotaku’s Mark Serrels.
So I sat, and I thought.
I pondered the possibilities, rejected the nearly-rans, and came up with what (for me, because this was personal) was the best possible answer. The eventual article is a lengthy read, and it went up while I was taking a necessary personal break, but it’s still well worthwhile reading.
So go and read it now!

Source: Kotaku

1 thought on “What were the best games of this generation?”

  1. Without picking one specific game, what I will say is that this generation has been brilliant for games for creating a whole new category of game – the mid-budget arthouse game. Suddenly it’s been possible for teams of 10 or so to make very creative games which still have decent presentation – Rain, Journey, the just-released Contrast, Papo & Yo, and so on and so forth.
    More than the AAA-grade stuff that’s what’s been holding my attention this generation.

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