Thoughts on Doctor Who: The Ghost Monument

Contains spoilers, obviously. Not many of them, but watch Season 11, Episode 2 before diving in, folks. Seriously. Please.

I really don’t like spoiling anything for anyone, ever, but I did just get the opportunity to watch the BBC broadcast of The Ghost Monument as it went to air (a rare luxury), and naturally, I have thoughts.

But just in case, some spoiler space, so you can’t blame me if you haven’t watched it yet. You totally should have seen this already, though:

I think I’ve made my point. On with the randomly selected thoughts.

  • Second episodes of Doctor Who are tough. You’ve had your first crack at impressing the audience with who (no pun intended) your Doctor is, and in case you weren’t paying attention, I rather liked Jodie Whittaker’s take in The Woman Who Fell To Earth. Still, it’s a very mixed bag, looking back. The End Of The World is OK, but it’s not great. New Earth is pretty silly overall, and not always effective even as a comedy episode. I really don’t think much of The Beast Below, even though some parts of that concept are clever, and Into The Dalek is, well, not all that good. As such, The Ghost Monument didn’t have to be all that much… and storyline-wise, it basically wasn’t. That can be OK, but I’d hope for a series switching to what are effectively one hour episodes, we’d get a bit more than this going on.
  • Damn, but that was beautiful. From speed reading the credits, it appears to have been shot in South Africa, and it looked great. An A+ effort on the cinematography.
  • Loving those new opening credits, and less bombastic music overall. Murray Gold did some great stuff for Doctor Who in his time, but turning down the volume just a tad makes a big difference. Let’s have them again, shall we?

  • I am a little bit concerned that while the episode was very talk-heavy, we didn’t get much to differentiate the new companions to speak of. Yes, there’s a shock element to landing on an alien planet (not to mention nearly asphyxiating in the depths of space), but still…
  • Speaking of deep space, I can’t have been the only one getting major BBC Hitchhiker’s flashbacks during Ryan’s revival sequence, right?
  • Love the new TARDIS interior. Nicely roomy, distinctive, and there’s still a good nod to classic roundels.
  • Don’t love the custard cream dispenser. Just like The Doctor hitting the console with lump hammers, it’s a hammy joke that didn’t quite land right with me. I get that this is very much personal taste, though.  
  • Hmm. Rosa Parks. The next episode could be great… or cringeworthy. Obviously, I’m strongly hoping for the former… which I’ll have to watch a good bit later than UK broadcast time!

Anyway, that’s my thoughts, and I did warn about spoilers, right?

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Doctor Who: The Ghost Monument”

  1. This comment contains spoilers!!!

    Venusian Aikido, though! I may have cheered a little.
    The reunion with the TARDIS gave me goosebumps. Only partially because of `Come to Daddy, I mean Mummy’. Can we get another `Are you my Mummy’ reference? 😀

  2. Not as sold on this episode as I was the first. Still looking forward to watching the rest.
    First time we’ve watched it as released rather than bingeing at end of season. My brain hurts remembering week to week…

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