The Golden Age Of Piracy, or "What do video store owners think of piracy?"

ABC Arts has released a fascinating little mini-documentary looking at the online piracy problem through the lens of a failing Melbourne video store owner. It’s compelling, if slightly depressing viewing.
The series, The Golden Age Of Piracy runs for five episodes, but it won’t take you all that long to run through each one, as they’re on average five minutes each.
There’s plenty of interesting file footage and a lot of posing of the kinds of questions that have dominated the Australian piracy argument seemingly forever, as well as the slightly quieter story of how one Melbourne video store proprietor views the argument.
It’s a little hard not to watch and think that he’s in a buggy-whip style business in the modern age, but it’s equally quite compelling.
It’s not available to embed, but you can watch the whole thing over at the ABC Arts page.
Source: ABC Arts

Author: Alex

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