Samsung unpacks innovation, but will its galaxy of new products sell?

Overnight in London, Samsung revealed new phone, camera and laptop models, all with innovative twists and lots of onboard Android. The hype part is over — now it’s time to get people to actually buy them.
Over at the ABC’s Technology+Games portal, I’ve looked over the ATIV Q, Galaxy NX and Galaxy Zoom. There’s a lot of promise, and some very neat ideas on display there, but whether they’ll actually appeal to users when they hit the market sometime later this year remains to be seen.
So go and read it now!
Source: ABC Technology+Games

1 thought on “Samsung unpacks innovation, but will its galaxy of new products sell?”

  1. At first blush.. the idea of having a real camera on the phone is a good one… but then as you weigh up the practicalities of it, I’m not too sure it’s a good idea afterall. Is it a phone? is it a camera? how will you treat it? If it’s a camera, you won’t be putting it in your pocket with your keys like you would a phone… I just think they’ve taken the concept a wee bit too far..

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