Pokemon GO or No and the big banks take on Apple: Vertical Hold Episode 86

With the Pokémon GO hype wave continuing, we consult with a Pokémon GO master to work out if it’s a boon or a bust. Meanwhile, the big banks are trying to force their way into the iPhone’s NFC chip, but what will that mean for consumers? All this and more with special guest Matthew Wu!
Pokémon GO has been a worldwide phenomenon, claimed to be bringing people together, and outside for healthy walks. On the flip side, it’s also been blamed for a rash of trespassing, but there’s no real legal framework for what happens when you put an AR objective on a real-world public location. We chat to Pokémon GO enthusiast (and tech PR guru) Matthew Wu at length about the Pokémon GO phenomenon, the big banks trying to take on Apple in the mobile payments arena, the ACCC’s jousting about broadband advertising and much more in the latest episode!
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