Pebble Dies while Amazon Goes To The Supermarket: Vertical Hold Episode 105

Pebble’s death casts doubt on the future of smartwatches, while Amazon looks to the future of supermarket shopping. Meanwhile, we’re getting screwed on LEGO Batman airing dates, but will Apple’s bold cinema plan save us? All this plus Galaxy S8, Surface Phone and more in the latest episode of Vertical Hold!
I, for one, am annoyed at the death of Pebble; not only did it innovate in a space well before the others, it also managed to actually make a smartwatch that lasted more than 1-2 days of regular use. And they did it with their first release! But that’s the way technology goes; often the innovator in the space burns cash and refines concepts that others can come in and make money from. Except in the case of smartwatches, it’s not clear if anyone is making money.
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