NBN: Does Telstra's copper have any value?

Malcolm Turnbull reckons that in the context of the Coalition FTTN NBN plan, Telstra’s copper has no economic value. Hang on… isn’t it meant to be the last 600 metres or so of the entire network?
Josh Taylor has an excellent piece on Turnbull’s latest statement, so go and read it now!
I can’t say I’m surprised by Turnbull’s comments — if the Coalition does win the election it’s in its best interests to talk down the value of the copper.
However, given the vital role that copper plays in any FTTN rollout, not just in implementation but also in upkeep, there’s little doubt that Telstra won’t quite see it that way. Business tech isn’t my field, but my head wants to suggest to me that they might even have a stockholder obligation to make the most out of it, in fact.
Source: ZDNet
Image: theilr

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