My thoughts on "Gamergate"

I’ve avoided writing anything on the whole “Gamergate” thing for a while now, but an off-hand comment from a friend made me stop and think about it.
When I think, I write. It’s how I tick.
The comment itself doesn’t entirely matter, because by now the battle lines appear to be drawn up, with two distinct sides. Here’s my take.
So on the one side of the gamergate issue, you’ve got a crowd who ONLY WANTS TO BE UNDERSTOOD, and if not, they’re ready to hunt people down, ruin their lives, scream an awful lot like infants about bias, do people potential physical harm (and undeniably actual psychological harm, because threats, even if there’s no actual plan to carry them out, carry significant weight and stress).
Also, they’d like to leer at and/or judge their critic’s secondary sexual characteristics or lack thereof, because PHWOAR TEH BABES.
On the other side, you have human beings who like video games but are strangely resistant to the idea that they should be harassed for who they are.
‘Nuff said.
Images: Digital Game Museum and Loren Kerns

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