iTunes Radio and Fetch TV: Vertical Hold Episode 4 2014

Will iTunes Radio really change the local music streaming scene? Is Fetch TV the one PVR that you’ll really want? All this and more in the latest episode of Vertical Hold.
Vertical Hold is the joint effort of Australian technology journalists Alex Kidman (hey, I’ve heard of that guy) and Adam Turner.
Each fortnight, we’ll channel-surf through the headlines in search of the big picture.

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2 thoughts on “iTunes Radio and Fetch TV: Vertical Hold Episode 4 2014”

  1. Hi Alex, are you and Adam planning to release an audio only version of your new podcast? I mostly listen on the road and around the house so would really appreciate the audio version. Thx Andrew

    1. No particular audio-only plans at the moment, but if you’ve subscribed to the podcast you can always download it and listen to it in any case (though I do appreciate that’s a larger file than the audio-only would be).

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