Is Apple's new iPad the iPad Pro killer? Why is Telstra staring at a $10 million fine? Is THEC64 Mini worth buying? Vertical Hold – Episode 171

Apple’s push for the education market involves a new iPad that works with the previously iPad Pro-specific Apple Pencil. Does this mean the iPad Pro is a bad buy? Speaking of bad buys, Telstra’s in trouble for allowing customers to make bad app buys, but why? All this and more in the latest episode of Vertical Hold!
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This week we pull the trusty Vertical Hold satellite dish out of mothballs to check in with Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson live from Chicago at the Apple “Field Trip” event to get a hands-on appraisal of Apple’s new tablet, as well as chatting closer to home with Macworld Editor Anthony Caruana about Apple’s wider education ambitions, as well as Telstra’s latest stoush with the ACCC.
Meanwhile, Alex (hey, I know that guy!) gets excited about THEC64 Mini, but does that mean you should?
Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News – podcast hosts @adam_turner and @alexkidman speak to Australia’s leading technology journalists every Friday to get the stories behind the tech news of the week.
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