iPhone 8 vs Android, NBN finally bends on no-sale regulations: Vertical Hold – Episode 143

Can Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 unseat some impressive premium Android competition? Does Game of Thrones still hold the piracy crown? All this, plus good (really!) NBN news in the latest episode of Vertical Hold!
We’re joined this week by news.com.au technology editor Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson to pit what we know about Apple’s upcoming iPhone plans against a range of existing and impressive Android handsets. 2017 has been a great year for great phones, so Apple has its work cut out for it.
Meanwhile, there’s good NBN news on the horizon, with customers made far more aware of their real build status and network accessibility. But what do the changes really mean?
Game of Thrones is over as a series for the year. Spoiler: Folks died. Its piracy figures remained sky-high according to some sources. Is there anything HBO can (or should do) to combat that?
All this and more as we go behind the headlines to examine the real technology news of the week!
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