E3 2014 and women in gaming: Other people's opinions

I was going to write a lengthy piece about the representation of women in gaming, but my contemporaries beat me to it.
Not much point reinventing the wheel when it’s been so eloquently spun by others, although it is an issue about which I have opined recently.
Still, this year’s E3 has led to a number of top-quality pieces that illustrate the issue very nicely indeed.
Michelle Starr’s piece at CNET on whether Link has changed gender (and especially the comments below if you think this is a non-issue)is well worth your time.
So is David Hollingworth’s article on Ubisoft and the lack of women being a “reality of game development” over at PC & Tech Authority.
Finally, Mark Serrels’ “I Am A Straight White Man And I Want More Women In My Video Games” at Kotaku is excellent stuff.
Read those, and you’ll get a very nice précis of my views.
Image: Nintendo

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