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ABC will show “Revolution Of The Daleks” on 2nd January 2021

And there’s even a shiny new trailer to go along with the news of more-or-less-precisely when Revolution Of The Daleks will air. Update: Now confirmed by the ABC.

Warning: Contains very mild spoilers, like most trailers, I guess?

The ABC was already confirmed as the airing station for the Doctor Who “festive” special last week, and I’ll be honest; I read between the lines to think that it might be going for a Christmas-themed show.

Instead, it will air in the UK on New Year’s Day 2021, although the BBC’s release and that trailer don’t explicitly say when it’ll air.

It takes even less reading of the tea leaves to suggest that a high-profile, high cost show like Doctor Who will enjoy a prime time airing slot in the UK.

Good to see Bracewell's Ironsides still getting steady acting work in 2020.
Good to see Bracewell’s Ironsides still getting steady acting work in 2020.

Revolution Of The Daleks won’t air here until it’s aired in the UK, and when you combine the evening of the 1st of January, UK time with that simple fact, you get a timing that simply can’t happen before the 2nd of January here in Australia, even if the ABC were for some crazy reason to decide to actually simulcast it.

That won’t happen either — it would be ratings suicide — but it’s likely based on past years that Revolution Of The Daleks will pop up on ABC iView that day for fans who otherwise won’t wait, before a more regular “scheduled” airing. Hopefully that evening if there’s no obvious clashes, because Doctor Who fans aren’t exactly known for their patience.

Update: The ABC delivers – they just sent me the BBC release with the following details amended at the top:

The Festive Special will air in Australia on ABC & ABC iview on January 2.”

Yay! One more reason to wish 2020 to be fed to the Myrka!

3 thoughts on “ABC will show “Revolution Of The Daleks” on 2nd January 2021”

  1. Let’s hope this is going to be worth watching because series 12 was an absolute disaster. This was proven by the lowest ratings ever recorded of the rebooted series. Please can we have some character development or even just give them some personality. Jack is back for a good reason. His character was fun, interesting and most importantly entertaining. We now need the regulars of this current Doctor to display some genuinely engaging traits and we also need Jodie Whittaker (who is a excellent actress) to stop mimicking Tennant and Smith and become more engaging in her own right. This of course will require the script writers to improve their efforts substantially. We can’t blame the actors for woeful scripts that do not allow for character development. Fingers crossed, but at least the new daleks look cool.

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