Yoshi, OLED, Windows 10, Kindles And Strippers: Week In Review: July 19 2015

writing I’ve been flat out writing, and it’s only pausing and looking at the week that was that I can keep up. Here’s a sample of my favourite bits of writing throughout the last week.
Lead image: Manoj Vasanth


Too Gosh Darned Cute By Half

Yoshi’s Woolly World got a bit of a critical savaging online when it came out.
I politely disagree; while I’m not going to disagree with a reviewer writing for their audience if they know them, I think it’s a charming game for its target audience. Possibly too charming…

Vertical Hold (Special Edition!)

It’s kind of surprising that we haven’t pulled this particular trick before. Ladies, Gentlemen and Toads, I present: Vertical Hold, with both hosts in the same room
(also features OLED vs LED, Smartwatches, VPN ISPs and a special surprise guest that neither Adam or I saw coming…)


Send me an emailrelevant information-650-80

Not strictly “new” writing — they appeared a few months ago in TechLife magazine — but over at TechRadar this week, you could find my guides to crafting the perfect email signature as well as how to be awesome at email. Warning: Contains the Geek Code, and if you remember what that is, congratulations: You’re also old.

OS Wars Are Here To Stay (But They’re Seriously Boring)

Image: Brett Jordan
Over at Lifehacker, I wrote about the upcoming release of Windows 10, Mac OS X El Capitan, and how they’ll no doubt reignite the decades old “my OS is better than yours” pissing contest — and why I genuinely think that one side “winning” would be the very worst outcome for everyone.

Accessorise, Darling

It’s not just the iPhone that gets accessories; there’s a wealth of things you can do to a Galaxy S6 to better protect it, charge it or make it look even more funky. I ran through the best candidates over at PC Mag Australia.

Kindling the reading fires

Amazon’s latest Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite has a 300dpi display, slightly odd pricing but a great reading experience. There’s life in this e-ink stuff yet!

Tokyo-RainIt’s The End Of The World (But Not As You Know It)

Image: Ayako
Over at alexkidman.com, the ongoing 52 week short story challenge continues, this time featuring a rather well known but not specifically named (because I don’t want to get sued) cameo appearance.

Speaking of short stories…

Image: Evan Bench
I enjoy a lot of aspects of my job (and there are sucky parts, to be sure), but the fiction writing is taking up more of my time at the moment than it really should. So I’ve launched a Patreon, so that those enjoying them — and I’ve been getting reasonable feedback, for the most part — can offer financial support. The details are here if you’d care to become my fiction patron.

Area Man Shakes Fist At Cloud (With Airline Behind It)

Image: Jetstar Airways
A recent Jetstar flight was the genesis for a Lifehacker article on how to handle matters if an airline double books your seat… after you’re already sitting in it. Yes, this was a thing that happened not just to me, but to my entire family — and in the case of one seat, a triple booking. Interesting times…

Big Brother Is Watching You (But You’re Big Brother)

The home security camera market is a fascinating one right now, and Australian security company Swann this week launched its SwannOne brand into the local market. I talked to SwannOne’s CTO about the company’s plans and had a look over the available range for PC Mag Australia.

Games Of Our Lives

Not a solo effort, but I contributed to an article on Kotaku Australia about what video games have taught me throughout my life. Picking just a few games to write about at specific ages was the toughest part of this particular gig, but it’s fun to wander down memory lane every once in a while. Also contains a shameful admission…

Old Computer Brands Ain’t Old Computer Brands

The internet lost its collective mind because somebody slapped a logo on an OEM phone and threw a few emulators on there. I just don’t get why people are so easily fooled by zombie brands, and by way of the Commodore PET phone, I explained why.
If I knew it was this easy… hmm… reckon anyone would buy an Intellivision Android tablet if I faked one up?

It turns out this is a really bad idea…

Crossbow (1)
Image: Torsten Magner
I have to research some… interesting topics. Yeah, that’s a good way to put it. Like whether or not it’s legal to build your own crossbow in Australia. It turns out to be a slightly more complex (and, if I’m honest, scary) question than you might first think.

Call Me (But Before October)

At PC Mag, I wrote up the news that Telstra customers are going to be slugged a few extra bucks for line rental, and a few extra cents per call come October. No, I didn’t “break” this story (far from it; everyone’s source was Telstra ‘fessing up to it over on its own blog) but this version got some solid social traction, which was nice.

This is also a bad idea (for your innards)

Image: KFC
Likewise, it’s all fun and games reading through the nutrition data for the major fast food chains… until you realise, as I now do, how much of their junk I’ve eaten through the years. By rights, I should be a pillar of greasy salt by now. Nonetheless, I wrote 95 per cent of a guide to the healthy way to eat at fast food outlets, if you must.

Is It More Degrading To Work In IT Or As An Exotic Dancer?

Image: Wendy Berry
This was a headline I wrote this week. No, really, it was. It turns out that there is a career post-IT, although it’s probably not for everybody.
Next week’s looking to be just as busy…. so I ‘d better get to getting a fresh shipment of words in, just in case.

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