WWE VOD Network now live in Australia


WWE’s wrestling-centric (would you expect anything else?) network is now officially available in Australia using the US pricing model.
There’s been no official release from WWE or its local representatives, but a pop-up at wwe.com indicates availability in “170 countries”, with Australia amongst the available countries.
As for pricing, there’s no change from the oft-repeated “$9.99 a month” pricing mantra that seems to be the catchcry of just about every WWE show right now, and when I say there’s no change I’m quite literal, as the company is charging $9.99 in US dollars, which means it’ll cost around $US11/month (for a minimum of 6 months) depending on how your credit card provider counts the exchange rate. There is a one month no commitment price of $US12.99, which should translate to around $AU14 or thereabouts.
That’s still quite a bit cheaper than the local PPV price if you’re a wrestling fan. If you’re not, it’s very clearly not the online video solution for you.
Bear in mind that you’ll need a reasonable broadband connection to view programs, and nobody’s offering WWE content quota-free, so it’ll also eat into your bandwidth cap.
Source: WWE

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