When The Doctor plays Chess, he really plays Chess

The centrepiece of last weekend’s Doctor Who episode was a particularly tense Chess game. But if you watched last weekend’s “A Nightmare in Silver”, you already knew that. What I love is that somebody’s gone to the trouble to work out that, yes, indeed, it’s a genuine game of chess being played. Warning: Here be spoilers!
Obviously if you’ve yet to see A Nightmare In Silver, stop reading now. Here, have a trailer.

Livejournal user Yew Erdri Ming used a screen capture of the game to ascertain where all the black and white pieces were, and then worked out the logical conclusion to the game. It’s testament to the fact that somebody on the set dressing team actually bothered to have it make sense (as well as to the detail-obsession of Yew Erdri Ming) that the game is actually logical.
Although The Doctor did fib, sort of. There’s no legal three move checkmate within the game, but it is indeed the Doctor’s game at this point, and there’s nothing the Cybermen can do at this stage. So much for cold, hard calculating logic, then.
Source: Livejournal

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