What's with the ducks?

And now, as the Python team used to say, for something completely different. Or at least somewhat the same.
I’ve been keen to do my own thing for a while now, and Fat Duck Tech is it. I’m not going to go out on a limb and say that Fat Duck Tech is going to change what you think a technology site is or could be — I’m not quite that mad — but I am going to bring my experience, interests and talents to bear to make it everything that it could be for an Australian technology audience. You’re awash with choices when it comes to Australian tech sites, including a number of the big local technology players — who I still continue to write for, for what that’s worth – but Fat Duck Tech is my space, for my content, views, reviews and anything else relevant that comes into my field of view. It’s also another place to watch 30 Seconds Of Tech videos, ask me any burning questions you’ve had (except for that one about songs and rainbows) and put my own perspective forwards.
Why is it called Fat Duck Tech?
Why not?
Will there be a podcast? Live blogs? Prizes?
Patience, grasshopper. This is a growth project, and that takes time. I’m still a freelancer as well, so you can probably expect links to my other work to pop up here from time to time as well. All going well, I’ve got… plans… is all I’ll say for now.

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