Watch Doctor Who: The Fiveish Doctors right now!

The ABC sadly doesn’t have the rights — but you can watch Peter Davison’s The Fiveish Doctors right now.

The BBC usually geoblocks its video content, but (at least as it appears) hasn’t done so now. Nice one, BBC!
(unless they do so after I post this. Which they hopefully won’t.)
(and apparently they may have now. Curses!)
Source: BBC

2 thoughts on “Watch Doctor Who: The Fiveish Doctors right now!”

  1. Been using a DNS service called “UnoTelly” for a couple of weeks now. I used to have a VPN but I found it was slow at times and by comparison to UnoTelly, hard to setup (easy for me because I am a techy..).. Can watch all the geoblocked stuff without any bottleneck of a VPN.. 🙂

  2. That was fabulous! Having watched The Ultimate Guide last night and the Day of the Doctor this morning, the Fiveish Doctors was definitely the icing on the cake – delightful and loved the cameo cast, the jokes and side comments.

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