Warhammer Quest heads forth on iOS

Games Workshop’s Warhammer Quest is now available for iOS; here’s my early impressions.
It’s been quite a long while since I was heavily into the Warhammer scene per se, but there was a time — and this was some time ago — when you’d regularly find me with paint-stained fingers and a set of d6 ready to roll some fine, fine Ork Boyz up against anything those filthy elves had to offer. So I was intrigued by the promise of Warhammer Quest, an iOS game that takes the classic Warhammer Quest board game and brings it into the digital age.

I’ve got to say — and I’ve really only scratched the surface — that it’s all so far, so good.

Warhammer Quest
You can’t go wrong with Snotlings. Reliable little fellows… whaddya mean I’m meant to kill them?

The Warhammer tone is captured nicely, the tap controls for turn based strategy work well, and there are snotlings to be squished. There is some in-app purchase present, which is a little worrying for a game that costs $5.49 outright, but I’m yet to hit a point where it becomes neccessary… yet.
Warhammer Quest
Kill the Spiders. KILL THEM ALL!

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1 thought on “Warhammer Quest heads forth on iOS”

  1. Bruce Greenwood

    I remember almost playing this as “Advanced Heroquest”. I say almost, as I had nobody to play it with but my mother and my sister. Ah, happy memories… I’ve heard of those.

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