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Twitch is streaming all of classic Doctor Who, but sorting out Australian streaming times could be tricky. I got bored, so I sorted out times and dates. Warning: Contains traces of terrible time puns.
The news that Twitch was going to stream all of classic Doctor Who was something of a surprise, given how carefully the BBC has controlled access to the whole series to date.

Sure, it’s been here and there on services, but never a full smorgasbord of the classic shows at the one time. Not even on the short-lived paid BBC iPlayer (which I wrote about here and here) had the whole lot.
That was probably to preserve the DVD sales figures, but it’s fair to guess that most of the fans that want those have those by now. Actually, if you’re keen, I’d recommend those anyway, even if you’re wary of what some now refer to as a “legacy” format. You end up owning the shows (rather than hoping a streaming service will show them), and you get the excellent info text commentaries on each episode. They’re wonderful, and easily the best use of the DVD format I’ve hit, bar none. It’s a model that so many TV shows could have adopted, but only Doctor Who did.
But I digress… back to the Twitching.
DoctorWho.TV recently put up provisional listings for Twitch streaming in the US and UK (you can find it here), but missed out on Australian streaming times. I looked at it, thought “that can’t be that tricky” and worked it out in my head… and below.
Using its listings as a base, I’ve adjusted for Australian Eastern time for each block, which means (for the most part) that it runs on a Tuesday to early Saturday schedule, using the UK timetable as a basis. Obviously if you’re in the central or western time zones, adjust accordingly. Also, make a LOT of coffee if you think you’re going to get through 200+ hours of Doctor Who watching in the month. That’s a LOT of time lord to take in one hit.
It’s a provisional timetable, so it is subject to change, and it’s possible I’ve made some kind of date or time error in the table below. I’d blame the timey-wimey nature of it.

DateAdventures1st Run2nd Run3rd Run
Wednesday, 30 May 2018An Unearthly Child, The Daleks , The Edge Of Destruction4:00:00 AM9:51:00 AM3:42:00 PM
Thursday, 31 May 2018The Keys Of Marinus, The Aztecs, The Sensorites4:00:00 AM11:12:00 AM6:24:00 PM
Friday, 1 June 2018Planet Of Giants, The Dalek Invasion Of Earth, The Rescue, The Romans4:00:00 AM10:45:00 AM5:30:00 PM
Saturday, 2 June 2018The Web Planet , The Space Museum, The Chase4:00:00 AM11:12:00 AM6:24:00 PM
Tuesday, 5 June 2018The Time Meddler, The Ark, The Gunfighters, The War Machines4:00:00 AM11:12:00 AM6:24:00 PM
Wednesday, 6 June 2018Tomb Of The Cybermen, The Ice Warriors, The Enemy of the World4:00:00 AM11:12:00 AM6:24:00 PM
Thursday, 7 June 2018The Web Of Fear, The Dominators, The Mind Robber4:00:00 AM10:46:00 AM5:33:00 PM
Friday, 8 June 2018The Krotons, The Seeds Of Death, The War Games4:00:00 AM12:40:00 PM9:20:00 PM
Saturday, 9 June 2018Spearhead From Space, The Silurians4:00:00 AM8:57:00 AM1:54:00 PM
Tuesday, 12 June 2018The Ambassadors Of Death, Inferno4:00:00 AM10:18:00 AM4:36:00 PM
Wednesday, 13 June 2018Terror Of The Autons, The Mind Of Evil, The Claws Of Axos4:00:00 AM10:18:00 AM4:36:00 PM
Thursday, 14 June 2018Colony In Space, The Daemons, The Curse Of Peladon4:00:00 AM10:45:00 AM5:30:00 PM
Friday, 15 June 2018The Sea Devils, The Mutants4:00:00 AM9:24:00 AM2:48:00 PM
Saturday, 16 June 2018The Time Monster, The Three Doctors, Carnival Of Monsters4:00:00 AM10:18:00 AM4:36:00 PM
Tuesday, 19 June 2018Frontier In Space, Planet Of The Daleks4:00:00 AM9:54:00 AM3:48:00 PM
Wednesday, 20 June 2018The Green Death, The Time Warrior, Invasion Of The Dinosaurs4:00:00 AM10:12:00 AM6:24:00 PM
Thursday, 21 June 2018Death To The Daleks, The Monster Of Peladon, Planet Of The Spiders4:00:00 AM10:12:00 AM6:24:00 PM
Friday, 22 June 2018Robot, The Ark In Space, The Sontaran Experiment, Genesis of the Daleks4:00:00 AM10:12:00 AM6:24:00 PM
Saturday, 23 June 2018Revenge Of The Cybermen, Terror Of The Zygons, Planet Of Evil, Pyramids Of Mars4:00:00 AM10:12:00 AM6:24:00 PM
Tuesday, 26 June 2018The Android Invasion, The Brain Of Morbius, The Seeds Of Doom4:00:00 AM9:18:00 AM4:36:00 PM
Wednesday, 27 June 2018The Masque Of Mandragora, The Hand Of Fear, The Deadly Assassin, The Face Of Evil4:00:00 AM10:12:00 AM6:24:00 PM
Thursday, 28 June 2018The Robots Of Death, The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, Horror of Fang Rock4:00:00 AM10:18:00 AM4:36:00 PM
Friday, 29 June 2018The Invisible Enemy, Image Of The Fendahl, The Sunmakers, Underworld4:00:00 AM9:52:00 AM5:44:00 PM
Tuesday, 3 July 2018The Invasion Of Time, The Ribos Operation, The Pirate Planet4:00:00 AM10:18:00 AM4:36:00 PM
Wednesday, 4 July 2018The Stones Of Blood, The Androids Of Tara, The Power Of Kroll, The Armageddon Factor4:00:00 AM10:46:00 AM7:32:00 PM
Thursday, 5 July 2018Destiny Of The Daleks, City Of Death, The Creature From The Pit, Nightmare Of Eden4:00:00 AM10:12:00 AM6:24:00 PM
Friday, 6 July 2018The Horns Of Nimon, The Leisure Hive, Meglos, Full Circle4:00:00 AM9:31:00 AM5:03:00 PM
Saturday, 7 July 2018State Of Decay, Warriors’ Gate, The Keeper Of Traken, Logopolis, K9 And Company4:00:00 AM12:06:00 PM8:12:00 PM
Tuesday, 10 July 2018Castrovalva, Four To Doomsday, Kinda, The Visitation4:00:00 AM10:12:00 AM6:24:00 PM
Wednesday, 11 July 2018Black Orchid, Earthshock, Time-Flight, Arc Of Infinity4:00:00 AM10:18:00 AM4:36:00 PM
Thursday, 12 July 2018Snakedance, Mawdryn Undead, Terminus, Enlightenment4:00:00 AM10:12:00 AM6:24:00 PM
Friday, 13 July 2018The King’s Demons, Warriors Of The Deep, The Awakening, Frontios, The Caves Of Androzani4:00:00 AM1:00:00 PM1:00:00 PM
Tuesday, 17 July 2018The Twin Dilemma, Attack Of The Cybermen, Vengeance On Varos4:00:00 AM9:24:00 AM2:48:00 PM
Wednesday, 18 July 2018The Mark Of The Rani, The Two Doctors, Timelash4:00:00 AM10:18:00 AM4:36:00 PM
Thursday, 19 July 2018The Trial Of A Time Lord4:00:00 AM10:18:00 AM4:36:00 PM
Friday, 20 July 2018Time And The Rani, Paradise Towers, Delta And The Bannermen, Dragonfire4:00:00 AM10:18:00 AM4:36:00 PM
Saturday, 21 July 2018The Happiness Patrol, Silver Nemesis, The Greatest Show In The Galaxy, Battlefield, Ghost Light4:00:00 AM11:24:00 AM6:48:00 PM
Tuesday, 24 July 2018The Curse Of Fenric, Survival4:00:00 AM7:29:00 AM10:18:00 AM

I love the fact that you could relive all sorts of ABC adventures with Doctor Who, given that there are both screenings that hit awfully close to that classic “around 6pm” time that Doctor Who had in the 70s and 80s, as well as the “around 4am” times that I recall from the early 90s when for whatever reason the ABC put Doctor Who in the death slot… unless you happened to be a university student with lots of time on his hands.

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