Thursdayitis: The Brain loses it at Pinky

When The Brain (from the classic Animaniacs and their own spin-off series) loses it at Pinky, it’s very, very dark, and very, very funny. Note: Contains very strong language considering the source material.
The video — featuring the voicework of both Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche, so it’s entirely accurate if not in fact properly canon — is full of language that (ahem) would never have made the cut on Animaniacs, so be warned: This is very much not safe for work or children
I can now never watch Pinky & The Brain again, mind you.
Oh, very well. One more time with the Brain Stem Song.

And by popular request, the Cheese Roll Call

Source: Tumblr via iO9
Thursdayitis features aren’t particularly serious. Did that really need explaining?

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