Telstra snaps up the 4G Toshiba Portégé Z10t

Telstra’s announced that it’s grabbed an exclusive on Toshiba’s Portégé Z10t Ultrabook for three months from the 11th of June. It’ll be the telco’s first 4G-ready Ultrabook product.
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When Toshiba showed off the Z10t earlier this month, company representatives pitched it largely as an “education” platform. Telstra’s vision is presumably a little wider than that. At the time, Toshiba’s claim was that pricing would start at $1,199 and upwards, so it’s interesting to see Telstra’s pricing approach.
There’s a baseline $90/month plan, which includes 8GB of data usage over 24 months with a minimum total cost of $2,160, or as part of the “Entertainer Max” bundle, which throws together 200GB of home broadband, 500MB of mobile broadband (excess usage 10c/MB), a T-Box set top box with Foxtel on T-box and home phone service for $185/month. Over 24 months that’ll set you back at least $4,499.
As with most bundles, that’s not necessarily bad value, even though the minimum total cost might give you pause for thought; it’s really a question of making sure that you’d use all of the included services as much as possible. Except maybe the 4G part of the Z10t, because a 500MB/month provision isn’t much, and those 10c/MB fees could easily stack up.
Source: Telstra

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