Stephen Fry: Author, Comedian, Genius… App?

Chances are high that you already follow Stephen Fry on Twitter. Actually, I suspect the next Twitter update might just make that mandatory, as the British all-round-entertainer has an immense twitter following. Still, the public can’t get enough of Fry, which might go some way to explaining Virtually Stephen Fry, an app that “lets Stephen broadcast himself directly into your pocket”
It’s a free app for iOS — Fry’s Twitter status indicates that Android is “coming soon” — that keeps Fry fans up to date with his goings-on, primarily indicating when new Headcasts have been created. The app description also notes that “Virtual Stephen, much like his real-world counterpart, responds well to all manner of interactions. So please experiment, and enjoy!”
Although at the time of writing, it appears that Stephen’s immense popularity might be more of a blessing than a curse, with the app very heavily overloaded. When it does work, it looks nice, though.
While I wait for it to download more Headcasts, I’m just going to leave this here. No reason.
Source: iTunes, Twitter

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