Star Command lands on iOS

Star Commanding, across the universe, on the starship Fat Duck Tech, under Cap’n Kidman?
The Kickstarter-backed game has landed on iOS devices, and looks great if strategy and space are your thing.

You don’t need to be a massive games studio to make compelling games, or even to release them for popular platforms. The growth of App stores and Kickstarter has seen to that nicely, and today’s example is the long-awaited Star Command, which is available on the iOS App Store right now for $2.99. A bargain, it seems, for this much gameplay — although I really, really have other work I should be doing right now. A separate Kickstarter campaign to port the title to PC/Mac was also successful, although fans on those platforms will still have to wait a while.
Sources: Kickstarter, Star Command
Image: Star Command

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