Sony finally shows off the PS4, lists US price as $399… which becomes $549 in Australia.

Hands up if you had “it’ll be a black box” on your tipping sheets. Updated: Hands also up if you thought we’d pay too much for it here.
No word… yet… on local availability or pricing, but the E3 show is still ongoing as type this. Plenty of chatter about US-centric entertainment aspects, but there’s promise of new gaming IP to come as well, as well as the refresh of franchises such as Infamous. Which, I’ve got to say, looks pretty sweet.
Also — and Sony’s clearly playing to the crowd here — they won’t be implementing any kind of restriction on used games, a rather direct shot at Microsoft.
Annoyingly, on the cloud front, PS4’s cloud services won’t launch until 2014, and at first only in the US. Boo!
US list price is $399, but there’s no word yet on Australian pricing or availability. Although, as I’ve written over at Kotaku, at least one retailer reckons it might sell at $549.
Update: And they’re right! Sony has just confirmed the RRP for the Playstation 4 in Australia will be $549. That’s…. not good, Sony. I liked that PS4 reveal, for the most part, and I know that the Australian dollar has slid just a little against the greenback, but even taking into account GST and a small markup we should be looking at maybe $460-$480, not $549. Sigh. I guess it’s too much to hope that there’ll be some kind of awesome Australia-only pack-in with the PS4?

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