Sony announces Aussie Xperia SP pricing and availability

The Xperia SP sits in the budget, rather than premium smartphone category, but then budget phones sell by the truckload, and presumably that’s what Sony’s pitching for.
Sony’s just announced that Vodafone and Virgin will be the carrier partners for the SP. Virgin are pricing it at $39 per month on a 24 month contract at a total of $936 with 1GB of data and $450 worth of calls, while Vodafone wants just a little bit more; a $40/month plan (so a total of $960) scores you $250 plan credit, 500MB of data and either unlimited Vodafone to Vodafone (and 3) calls or unlimited texts. The catch there is that Virgin are stocking it now. Vodafone won’t have it until the 15th of May. If you’re keen just to buy the SP outright, it’ll cost you $499 from unspecified “Telecommunications Retailers” from the end of the month.

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