Sigh. No, Qantas isn't giving away free first class flights via Facebook

Old scams never die — they just mutate into new forms to be shared around socially. Today’s example involves the lure of free first class flights from Aussie carrier Qantas.
Not happening, people. Not happening. The scam, such as it is purports to come from “Qantas Airline” and promises that
“Today we at Qantas Australia are proud to announce that we have seated over 3 Million passengers since January 1, 2015! So to celebrate this record setting accomplishment we will be giving out FREE first class flights for the rest of this year! That’s an entire year of FREE flights! To win simply complete the step’s below.
1. Like and Share this picture…
The winner’s will be inbox’d on March 17, 2015”

Erm… no. It’s the classic please share Facebook viral scam, and according to SBS, it’s been shared more than 100,000 times. It’s certainly popped up in my own Facebook feed more times than I’d like over the past day.
Even Qantas themselves deny it:

So no, it’s not happening, and no, you shouldn’t share it “just in case it’s true”. Just say no, people.

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