Seriously, Nintendo, why isn't 101-player Mario Kart an actual thing?

Super Mario Kart is great, and might even be my favourite game in the entire series. But pump it up a little, and it gets insane.
This popped up on a gaming forum I frequent from time to time, and while it’s not new, I LOVE it to bits.

Yeah, OK, this isn’t a new video, so you may have seen it before. But seriously. We have the technology. Well, at least sort of. Sure, a single blue shell would be chaos, and the ping on that many players would be insane. So… maybe make it local only. Still the best way to play Mario Kart anyway. Only then we’ll need a sofa 101 places long.
But hey, I can solve that. You play it in a cinema!
So, Nintendo, what are you waiting for?
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