Samsung finally fixes Aussie dock bug

For years now, if you bought an Australian model Samsung Android device, you either had to use a custom launcher or put up with a dock that you couldn’t modify in any way under Samsung’s own “TouchWiz” launcher. Finally, Samsung’s done something about it.
A software update delivered to Samsung devices — I can confirm it’s come through for the Galaxy S5 at the least — allows you to actually edit and move items out of the dock at will. The process is still a little convoluted — you’ve got to hit the edit pencil on the TouchWiz launcher and then shift out the default apps if you don’t want them — but at least it’s feasible now.
The real upside here is that if you want to use Samsung’s own supplied apps, they’re normally tied quite tightly into the TouchWiz experience, especially on Note devices. Now you can do that, while having a dock full of the icons you want, rather than the icons Samsung told you you had to have.
Source: Gizmodo

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