Salesplosion: Sharksplosion now on sale!

Can’t get enough of exploding sharks and every action trope known to humankind? Have I got a deal for you — Sharksplosion is now available on sale!
Sharksplosion, a novel that’s been described as “An action adventure thriller blockbuster of a novel crammed full of car chases, train derailments, plane crashes and exploding sharks” by an award-winning writer* is now on sale for the first time ever!
You can save forty per cent on the cover price of $US4.99 on a book packed with car chases, railroad explosion, random kebabs and, of course, exploding sharks!
Lots of exploding sharks. I did mention those, right?
In any case, Sharksplosion is available for every single e-reader on the planet via Smashwords, where it’s on sale for only $US2.99 right now!
(you can also grab the sample first chapter to get a taste of that sweet exploding shark b-movie action there, too!)
It may take some time for the pricing change to shuffle through to Amazon’s Kindle Store or Apple’s iBooks — that’s beyond my control — but you can check your local stores by clicking these links. If you just can’t wait (and I won’t blame you) then Smashwords will sell you a copy that will work on your device in any case.
If you want to buy Sharksplosion directly from Amazon, click here!

If you want to buy Sharksplosion directly from iBooks, click here!

*i.e “me”. Self-marketing is an interesting minefield, but at least I’m honest about it.

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