Run That Town: Manage any Aussie town from your iPhone

Now this is a neat idea. What happens when you combine actual Australian census data with a light (and funny) strategy sim? You get Run That Town, a free and highly entertaining iOS game.

Town management simulations are nothing new in any real sense, but how many of them can claim to be based on actual real world data? That’s the hook behind Run That Town, a free game app for iOS devices that throws management scenarios at you based on actual real world data. That gives it quite a bit of flexibility in play styles, because the needs of a given suburb will differ wildly depending on the underlying stats. Oh, and you may find the voiceover guy strangely familiar… or perhaps just strange. At the very least, it’s allowed me to live out my lifelong dream of becoming the uncontested king of Ebor.
Although I now feel as though I should apologise to the fine folk of Ebor for authorising that brewery and the landfill project, but not the zoo or the motorway.

This is the best disclaimer I've read all week.
This is the best disclaimer I’ve read all week.

Plus, if you’re all too easily distracted with interesting looking statistics but too lazy to actually just look up the ABS data, it’s a great way to actually learn a little something about this wide brown land. So I’ll just leave you with the fact that I haven’t destroyed the population of Ebor (population 2706, apparently skewing older)… yet.
Source: ABS, Facebook

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