Read This: Firefox kills 404s, Apple Watch 2 and the making of Head Over Heels

Technology can be wonderful or terrible. Or somewhere in the middle. I was going somewhere with that, I’m sure. While I figure that out, stories for you to read.

  • This is sort of a cool idea; a test build of Firefox that, when it hits a 404 code (page not found) instead heads to the Internet Wayback Machine to see if it can find an actual version of the page you were after.
  • Today’s Apple rumour: Apple Watch 2 by the end of the year. The existing watch is beautifully designed, but based on what the rumour mill is saying, a new processor and slight battery bump isn’t going to fix the key issue; nobody’s yet come up with a killer app beyond notifications that makes a smartwatch a must-buy item. Also, if it’s real, I wonder what the trade-in value on those first generation $24,000 Apple Watch Editions would be?
  • When I’m asked, I tell people my all-time favourite game is Taito’s Bubble Bobble. My top ten, however, is fluid in terms of both titles and their relative positions, but Ritman & Drummond’s Head Over Heels always sits well within the top five. Eurogamer has a nice little interview with Jon Ritman about the making of Head Over Heels that you absolutely must read. I mean it. Go, read it now. Don’t make me cranky.
  • Lots of folk bitch about HBO’s exclusive deal for Game Of Thrones with Foxtel, but this interview certainly suggests that HBO CEO Richard Plepler is a pretty switched on guy.
  • I’m a big fan of retro gaming. I know, I know, you’re shocked. Anyhow, there’s a lot written online about the legal position of emulators and console game ROMS, just like this piece. Nice enough story but totally not applicable to Australian copyright law.. Short form, we don’t have the rights to back up video games. Long form… eh, read this.
  • The boys at Lifehacker Australia are eating nothing but Soylent for a week. Presumably after the week is out, they’ll smell slightly of rancid people.
  • Pokémon GO has apparently been banned in Iran, as reported just about everywhere. Leaving aside the fact that Iran has a High Council of Virtual Spaces — an awesome governmental body name, if nothing else — I wonder to what extent the ban will be meaningless anyway. Three weeks ago I couldn’t move for tripping over folks on public transport playing the game. This week… nothing. A few folks back playing Candy Crush, however. Make of that what you will.

Read this is just random things I find and like. You may enjoy them too. Or not; it’s a free and wide web.

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