Pebble updates to 2.3

Android Wear might be getting a lot of the headlines right now, but the Pebble just keeps on improving with an update to its firmware available today.
Is it update-the-software-for-everything-day today, and nobody told me?
That aside, the Pebble Firmware 2.3 allows (according to Pebble)

Improved Bluetooth LE connectivity.
Added the ability to skip to the next notification with a double-click of the Down or Up buttons.
Bug fixes and stability improvements.

The update should happen automatically when you open your Pebble app — there’s also an update to the iOS app today as well, which you may need — but if it doesn’t (it didn’t with mine), you can force it to by going to Support>Update Your Pebble and starting the download from there.
Source: Pebble

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