Optus launching dual-mode TDD-LTE Galaxy S4

When Optus announced it’d be rolling out TDD-LTE 4G services in Canberra, it did so with standard modem devices, leaving many wondering when we’d see the first phones. The answer is — pretty soon, and they’ll be Samsung.
Optus issued a release this morning detailing its testing of dual-band TDD/FDD-LTE Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini handsets across the Canberra network. They’re dual mode so that when you’re not in the nation’s capital but within range of Optus’ other 4G FDD-LTE networks, you can still access 4G broadband.
No pricing was announced for the dual-band variant, which is apparently due to go on sale in September; for what it’s worth a straight FDD-LTE Galaxy S4 on Optus right now would cost you $58.96/month on a base level plan.

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