Optus isn't doing Fetch-based iView quota-free

Just over a week ago, the ABC announced that iView had gone quota free for FetchTV customers, which led me to wonder if this would include Optus’ use of the Fetch TV service. The short answer? Nope.
Optus doesn’t currently offer iView unmetered across any other broadband services, so it seemed like an odd inclusion. Checking with Optus today, I got the following statement:
“iView will not be quota free on Optus TV with Fetch, this is in-line with our general position on non-Optus OTT services (including You Tube). Warnings will be provided on the service when people seek to use iView on the Optus TV with Fetch service, as per You Tube use currently.”
That’s unfortunate to say the least; with online video a massive growth category, it’s a win for consumers any time a major service such as iView is offered quota free.
It also means that the initial announcement had a lot less steam to it, as the majority of the rest of the FetchTV world sits under iiNet’s umbrella, where iView is already free at a computer level. That does leave Adam Internet, I guess… except they’ve just been snaffled up by iiNet as well.

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