Optus Adds Data Sharing To More Plans

If there’s a trend for 2015, it’s in allowing customers to “share” allowances from mobile plans across multiple devices. Optus is taking this to its logical conclusion by adding data sharing to more plans, as well as tweaking some of its existing plan options.
It wasn’t that long ago that Optus set up “family” data sharing — I wrote it up for PC Mag here — with a shared pool of data across multiple devices.
The latest evolution of that concept from Optus as announced today sees it expanding the range of contract plans that can be used to create a data pool, including the My Plan Plus personal plans, My Plan Business plans and Mobile broadband personal and business plans. It’s still very much a case of creating and then using a data pool, and in line with what’s become the industry norm, a $10/GB excess usage fee if you go over your combined quota.
Plans have also be slightly tweaked, with the $60 My Mobile Broadband Plus plan offering 12GB of included data. Comparatively Vodafone charges $65 for 12GB of data on a $65 month to month plan. The comparable high end Telstra plan, XL, comes with 15GB of data, but costs $105 per month; the price comparable $55 L plan only features 8GB of data.
One interesting new plan inclusion here is a straight $10 My Mobile Broadband Plus plan. It’s a month by month plan with 1.5GB of included data but no calls at all. If you’re much more a data user than a calling or texting fanatic it could be quite decent value if you’re on a tight budget.

Author: Alex

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