Opera's Android browser now sings a different song

Opera’s Android browser has entered into general circulation, marking the first time the browser has run on something other than Opera’s own Presto engine. Instead, it’s based on Chromium, making it yet another webkit-based browsing option.
Opera’s claim with the newly developed Android browser is that it’s both faster — but then nobody’s going to release an even-slower browser, at least not deliberately — and uses less data thanks to inbuilt data compression that relies on the existing Opera Mini servers. That’s a tradeoff though, as Opera Mini’s compression can do unusual things to some pages. It could be a useful feature however, if you’re in an area with dodgy data connectivity.

I swear I've seen this site somewhere before.
I swear I’ve seen this site somewhere before.

One of the things I really do like about Android is the ability to pick and choose your browser and have that choice stick. Opera might sing your song or be out of tune, but as a small and free download you’re really risking nothing giving it a try.
Source: Google Play

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