Not-quite 30 Seconds Of Tech: 21 minutes of Ewan McGregor

So, at today’s LG Home Entertainment launch, LG unveiled Ewan McGregor as its brand ambassador for Australia and New Zealand. I tend to sit up the front of press conferences, partly because it’s easier to ask questions, but mostly because my eyesight is woeful. In this instance, it meant that I ended up sitting directly in front of Ewan McGregor. So sit back, relax and enjoy McGregor’s observations on independent film, HD shooting and what he describes as “F’n good tellies”.

A quick warning: There is some… ahem… salty language used. Ewan McGregor’s an enthusiastic man, and this was a rather Australian press conference.

I’d planned to shoot a 30 Seconds Of Tech (that’s coming soon), but didn’t quite intend to hold my arms up for quite this long, so apologies for any shaky footage. I can confirm that McGregor’s reputation for being a nice guy is well earned; at the photoshoot at the end, I was at the end of the queue when it was announced he’d have to go (which was fair enough; he’d earned his money). I set up to take a quick selfie as he walked past (and I hate selfies, but when was I ever going to get the chance again?), and he saw what I was doing, declared “No, we’re not doing that!” and demanded that my photo be taken properly. Now, THAT’S how you impress the fans.

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