NBN: Will asbestos bring it down?

When you’re building anything — be it a shed or a major national network infrastructure project — and asbestos is involved, the rules are pretty clear. How then, did dozens of plastic bags of asbestos get left by NBN workers near a primary school?
The AFR’s David Ramli reports on the incident, which occurred in Ballarat. I’m a keen believer in letting other people’s work shine, so go and read it now.
This kind of absolute stuff-up is entirely intolerable. Heads should roll, although whose isn’t entirely clear. The Telstra subcontractors? Telstra? NBN Co?
This is fuel for the anti-NBN fire, and while I’m fairly clearly in favour of an FTTP rollout, and it’s worth separating the network technology from the infrastructure, there’s no doubt that this — and reports of similar incidents — should have been handled entirely differently.
Source: AFR
Image: Marshall Astor

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