NBN: On track to beat mid-year targets

Read an NBN story, and it’s likely to be one about disaster, or political jostling, with a lot of attention paid to the numbers of premises passed for NBN connections — or the lack thereof. What then happens when NBN Co exceeds those targets?
It’s long been the contention of NBN Co that its issues with slow initial rollout — figures quite constantly referred to by the Coalition whenever it wants to point out shortcomings — were to do with prototyping and sorting out real world installation issues on a small scale prior to ramping up the rollout effort.
The flipside of that argument has revolved around management issues between NBN Co, Telstra and various subcontractors. There’s no denying that targets have been missed, time and time again, and matters haven’t been helped with other NBN-related issues, from sub-contractors ripping up cables to others leaving asbestos bags near primary schools. It’s not a pretty picture, in other words.
Ry Crozier over at ITNews has done a fascinating bit of number crunching, working out the numbers of premises that should be passed by the end of June.
Amidst all the doom and gloom, the outlook is exceptionally positive; his analysis suggests that they’ll meet and quite possibly exceed the June targets (and this rolls in previously missed targets, unless I’m misreading the numbers badly. Update: I’m not; Ry’s confirmed with me that the numbers included are progressive and cover all premises to this point.). The analysis doesn’t have full figures, but that’s been accounted for, and it appears even the worst case scenario would see targets being hit. It’s a great bit of data crunching, and if you’re in the least bit interested in the ongoing NBN debate you should go and read it now.
Source: ITNews
Image: Gavin St. Ours

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