NBN: No guarantee of 50Mbps services

The alternative touted to a full FTTP connection has been to use VDSL2 to deliver similar speeds. An internal NBN Co report suggests, however, that even half the current top FTTP tier couldn’t be guaranteed thanks to lousy copper.
Image: Gavin St. Ours
David Braue’s been on a bit of a tear lately with NBN stories, and his latest over at ZDNet is a cracker. Internal NBN Co documents suggest that the Coalition’s planned VDSL2 rollout would only be able to guarantee speeds of 12/1 and 25/5, with 50Mbps download services only likely on a “best case scenario” model owing to the largely unknown state of Telstra’s copper lines.
None of this was exactly an unknown matter prior to the election, and with Turnbull currently sitting on the NBN Review that was promised (citing “commercial confidentiality”) it’s not exactly clear which way the government will go, although ideologically it doesn’t take a genius to guess which way they might jump.
Still, as I usually say, go and read it now!
Source: ZDNet

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