NBN Co buys iiNet's Canberra FTTP

The actual physical rollout of NBN fibre has been problematic, to put it politely. So what do you do when contractors aren’t meeting targets? In Canberra at least, you buy up an existing network.
That’s what’s happened with the network formerly known as TransACT, which iiNet still nominally owns. Pending regulatory approval, NBN Co will buy the whole thing for $9 million. Josh Taylor, who does a great job covering telco issues has the full story over at ZDNet — so go there to read more!
Source: ZDNet

2 thoughts on “NBN Co buys iiNet's Canberra FTTP”

  1. Covers 13,000 premises — 8,500 now and more being built out — so about $700 per premise (presuming that the extra build costs are built into the deal). Even without, it’s just over $1000 per premise. Bargain — although as Josh’s article points out, iiNet appears to have been keen to sell.

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