Microsoft will sell Surface Pro in Australia from May 30th from $999

After a pretty lengthy delay, the Pro version of Microsoft’s Surface PC family will go on sale in Australia at the end of the month.
$999 will score you the 64GB version, while $1099 is the asking price for the 128GB version. The Pro version of the Surface runs the full version of Windows 8 (although Microsoft Australia’s blog refers to it as “an extension of the Windows 8 experience”), off an Intel Core i5 processor, unlike the ARM-basis of the Surface RT that launched here last year.
I wrote a very extensive review of the RT for ABC Technology+Games last year, if you’re unclear on the whole Surface concept, but the key tradeoff between Pro and RT is the balance between apps, because the Pro can run them all, and battery life, where the RT should last longer in the field.
Source: Microsoft Blog

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