Microsoft Enables 1080P Xbox One Streaming (And It Actually Works!)

A registry hack uncovered last week to enable high quality Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 is rendered irrelevant, thanks to Microsoft unlocking the ability in the latest set of Xbox One updates.
The registry hack — you can read about it here — rather gave away the fact that Microsoft was intending to offer higher quality streaming. It was really just a question of when, and the answer would appear to be “right now” — or at least “right now as long as you’ve updated both your Xbox One and Windows 10 PC”.
You’ll need to be running a PC with Windows 10 on it on a reasonably high-speed network — preferably Ethernet, but Wi-Fi will do as a pinch, as I found last week — but the ability to stream at higher rates has now been unlocked for all users.
It also appears to have squashed a number of bugs. After writing about it being a little flaky last week, I then hit an absolute brick wall where the Xbox app for Windows 10 resolutely could not and would not “see” my Xbox One. No quantity of reboots, toggling streaming switches on or off or complete router resets would fix the problem. Today’s update, however, seems to have done the trick. Happy gaming!
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