Linux on the desktop: DOA?

I’ve worked as a tech writer for long enough that I can remember when “the year of Linux on the Desktop” was thought to be a real thing, instead of just some kind of running geek joke. Indeed, I made a few stabs myself at transitioning to a Linux desktop, both out of interest and for professional reasons. But when even the Linux folk are saying that Linux on the desktop is a deceased avian, what hope is left?

Over at TechRadar, there’s an excellent piece that looks into the state of Linux on the desktop, and why it’s fallen over — although not everyone, including Linus Torvalds, explicitly agrees. It’s well worth reading.
Source: TechRadar
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1 thought on “Linux on the desktop: DOA?”

  1. …I’m finding Ubuntu (once you have the balls to iron out potential hardware conflicts – No fault of Linux.. Nvidia!!) to be a gem, especially Edubuntu for schooling the wee littl’ns. Half considering dumping my OS X…considering for now.
    However am fascinated to see how the roll out of Ubuntu to mobile/Android will pan out.

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