iView goes free for FetchTV customers

ABC’s immensely popular and undeniably excellent iView service has gone quota-free for Fetch TV customers. Remind me again — commercial TV. That’s still something that’s around, right?
There are a number of ISPs that offer iView quota-free, but that’s typically only if you’re viewing iView from a PC. Use an alternate platform, be it Smart TV, Xbox 360, PS3 or tablet, and you’re looking at a quota chewing exercise that can quickly bring small-allowance plans to their knees. ABC’s iView Twitter account just noted, however, that “Great news! #iview is now available as a free inclusion for customers of the #FetchTV IPTV service, enjoy”
Fetch TV is currently offered by iiNet (and it’s various subsidiary ISPs such as Internode and Westnet), Adam Internet and Optus. Optus doesn’t currently offer iView quota-free for regular broadband users, so it’ll be interesting to see if this does flow through via Fetch.
Source: Twitter

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